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Exploring the Lava Tunnels

Visit a Lava tunnel on Réunion and experience a unique underground adventure! Guided by experienced specialist Jocelyn Michel, explore this fascinating geological formation, typical of Reunion Island. Whether you choose the discovery or exploration option, book now for an unforgettable experience. An unforgettable experience in the lava caves of La Réunion. Among the most emblematic sites, discover the lava tunnel at Sainte-Rosethe Caverne Gendarme and other tunnels 1998 tunnels, Citron Galet...



speleo la réunion - lava tunnel

Visit to the Sainte-Rose lava tunnel

L'guided exploration of the Sainte-Rose lava tunnel is accessible through 2 formulas the discovery formula lasting 3 hours, for children aged 6 and over (€50 for adults) and the exploration formula The tour lasts 4 and a half hours and is suitable for over-12s. The price is €65 for adults.)

Sainte-Rose - Flow 2004


Easy level of difficulty

Duration 3h / À From age 6

Price between €40 and €50 per person

Sainte-Rose - Flow 2004


Medium level of difficulty

Duration 4h30 / À From age 12

Price from €60 / person

After an introduction to the landscape surrounding this Réunion's iconic lava tunnelI'll guide you through its geological formations: stalagmites, stalactites and sculpted ceilings.

This outing, designed just for you, will alternate between between exploration and explanations of the formation of the lava tunnel and its unique features, as well as the workings of Réunion's volcano (depending on your preferences, no geology lesson required...). You'll walk through the lava tunnel, sometimes crouching, sometimes bent over, at your own pace.

Le coulée networkextending over several kilometres with numerous entrances, you can personalise your outing to suit your tastes: a relaxed visit or a more sporting explorationwith narrower, less frequented passages for the more adventurous.

Other lava tunnels available to visit


Medium level of difficulty

Duration 3h30 / À From age 10

Prices from €40 to €50 per person


High level of difficulty

Explore Réunion's little-known tunnels

The lava tunnels of La Réunion in a few words

The volcanic bowels of Réunion Island are criss-crossed with numerous tunnelsThese are formed by lava flows whose upper crust has cooled while the magma has cooled. continued on its way.

Some of Réunion's lava tunnels are of a respectable diameter and can be visited. It is advisable to be accompanied by a qualified guides like Profundo if you are not a caver who is aware of the activity and the environment.

Jocelyn Michel lava tunnel guide in Reunion Island


Profundo is Jocelyn Michel!

State-certified caving instructor

Passionate and curious about everything that the natural environment has to offer, I was attracted at an early age to sports that allowed me to explore it. Exploring a lava tunnel on Réunion Island a unique experience, it was only natural that I should make it my own. my job.


Profundo customers testify!

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Superbe sortie. J’avais peur de ne pas y arriver, mais quand on est accompagné de sa fille de 6 ans, pas le choix! Un super guide très passionné nous a donné tout le long pleins d’explications. La peur a disparue et j’ai vraiment adoré, je le referais c’est sur! Et je conseille Profundo ils sont top de la réservation au pti verre de l’amitié à la fin de la sortie! Grand merci Stéphanie et Loïs
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Excellente expérience avec Josselin ! Merci a lui pour cette superbe exploration
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Jocelyn est aussi passionné que passionnant. Découverte très complète, il y en a eu pour tous les goûts et tous niveaux. Très belle expérience. Merci
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Superbe expérience dans le tunnel de lave. Merci à Jocelyn pour ces explications.
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Super sortie spéléo avec Jocelyn dans le tunnel de lave coulée 2004. Nous avons pris l'option "explo" et c'était génial. Jocelyn est très pédagogue, nous avons passé une très bonne matinée et nous avons appris beaucoup de choses sur le volcan et sur l'île de la Réunion en général. Je conseille vivement ! Merci encore !
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Super découverte de la grotte de lave, visite enrichissante, super guide qui est un grand passionné toujours dans l'humour. Merci beaucoup ????
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Merci à Jocelyn pour cette formidable découverte des tunnels de lave !!! ???????? Une expérience unique, très enrichissante et très instructive avec une guide très compétent. J'ai appris beaucoup de choses et j'ai apprécié le moment de méditation qui a éveillé mes autres sens. Encore un grand merci ????
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Vraiment magnifique et notre guide excellent. 4h30 sous terre je n'ai pas vu le temps passer. À faire sans hésiter. Merci beaucoup Sortie 24 mars 2024 après midi
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Super expérience dans le tunnel de lave faite en famille. Guide sympa, intéressant, rassurant pour moi qui suis a tendance claustro
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Il n'y a plus qu'a imaginez la fusion, extraordinaire (pas gagné). Une découverte en milieu hostile, pas vraiment. Une visite pour connaître un peu plus les volcans... ce n'est pas vraiment mon truc les sous terrains, très instructif avec notre guide Josselyn très passionné...


piton fournaise lava flow
cirque mafate piton des neiges reunion island



How many people are in the exit groups?

In the interests of quality and environmental conservation, I try not to take more than eight people in a group to explore a lava tunnel.

However, an outing is only valid for groups of four or more people. However, if you would like to organise an outing for a larger group, please contact us and we will be happy to suggest solutions.

Are tours of the lava tunnels suitable for children?

The tours are suitable for children aged 6 and over. However, it all depends on their abilities, as each child's mobility is different. If you have any doubts about your child's ability, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to be sporty to explore the lava tunnels?

You need to be in good physical condition, with a minimum of balance and the ability to bend down and even progress on all fours. However, if you can't bend down or progress on all fours, you can always choose the easier sections.

Are there any contraindications to tunnel exploration?

If you are claustrophobic, you may not be able to stand being in an underground cavity.

Are outings cancelled in bad weather?

Visiting the Sainte-Rose lava tunnel (Coulée 2004) is safe in wet weather. Due to the porosity and natural fractures of the volcanic rock, rainwater passes through the ceiling of the tunnel and drains away through the floor, without causing flooding. However, this means that you won't be safe from rain inside the tunnel, so if it does rain, expect to get wet. So it's a good idea to bring a change of clothes and rain gear.

Road access can become dangerous in bad weather, and the activity may be cancelled in the event of a heavy rain warning issued by Météo-France for safety reasons.

The other lava tunnels may be vulnerable to rising water levels. Access to the Gendarme cave is via a gully that is subject to rising water levels, so this exit may also be cancelled if there is a risk of heavy rain.

Weather forecasts are updated at around 5pm for the following day and at 7am on the day itself. It is important to remain contactable in the 48 hours prior to the outing. We will let you know if the tour has to be changed or cancelled.

In general, how far in advance do you recommend booking an outing?

During busy periods (July-August), don't hesitate to contact us as soon as you book your trip to Réunion. The sooner the better!


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