What to do as a family in Réunion: activities and outings by age group

Reunion Island is the perfect destination for family holidaysbecause it offers a wide range of activities for young and old alike. Here is a selection of activities for all ages to make the most of this island paradise.

Family activities for children aged 3 and over:

  • Swimming and making sandcastles on the beaches of the lagoon

The lagoon of Réunion Island is the ideal place for a safe swimming with children. The calm, shallow waters provide the perfect setting for cooling off and playing in the water. However, it is also possible to swim at other beaches.

Visit beaches where you can swim with young children :

  • Hermitage beach

This sandy beach lined with filaos is ideal for picnics and lounging. Here, the translucent waters of the lagoon are protected by a coral reefThe water is 27 degrees Celsius, with hundreds of multicoloured fish and coral.

  • Saint Pierre beach

The sandy beach at Saint-Pierre slopes gently down to the ocean and is ideal for children. You can relax in the sun, build sandcastles and swim in peace. The beach is also next to water gamesAnd don't forget to bring your young children along for the ride: they'll love being splashed (and you'll love being splashed) by the water jets!

  • The beach at the watering hole

The beach at Trou d'Eau is perfect for children, as the coral reef offers a wonderful view over the sea. safe swimming. The water is also shallow. Once there, your children can once again discover the wide variety of colourful fish and coral.

  • Boucan Canot beach

It is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches on the islandThe beach is popular for its waves and seabed. A swimming area is secured by an anti-shark net, but you must remain vigilant because of the strong currents. For the little ones, there is a natural swimming pool formed by volcanic rocks.

  • La Saline beach

This beach is an extension of Plage de l'Ermitage and the lagoon. Also handi-plageLa Saline beach is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

  • The beaches of St Leu

One is in the city centre and the other at Pointe au Sel. Both are protected by a small lagoon.

  • Grande Anse beach

This magnificent white sand beach is lined with coconut palms and vacoas (a large palm-like plant). Swimming is prohibited, however a natural pool has been created, thanks to a barrier of rocks.

children beach outing reunion island
  • Visit Kélonia, Réunion's sea turtle observatory

Kélonia is a marine turtle research and protection centre. which will delight your youngest visitors. They can learn a lot about these fascinating creatures and observe different species of turtle. Interactive activities are also on offer to make the visit even more rewarding.

And if you like turtles, you can also go to watching land and sea turtles at the Turtle Garden in Les Avirons (near Etang salé).

  • A feast for the eyes at the Saint-Gilles aquarium

Dive into the heart of the Indian Ocean with your family and discover the marine species of Réunion Island at the Saint Gilles Aquarium. The Aquarium is a a place to discover the island's marine environment, but also to provide information and raise awareness about it.

On site, fish, seahorses, sharks and octopus await you in different marine environments: volcanic cliffs, coral gardens, the deep sea, the open sea...

  • Summer sledging in Maido with a pony ride

In the Parc de la Luge, try summer tobogganing in the heart of a tropical forest ! Children aged 3 and over can go tobogganing (children under 1.40m must be accompanied by an adult). The little ones can also enjoy a pony ride. Other activities for older children include archery, all-terrain scooters and remote-controlled boats.

Activities and family outings on Réunion Island for children aged 6 and over

  • Family hiking in Réunion

From the age of 6, why not take your children for a walk and explore the beauty of Réunion on a short hike ? Réunion has an abundance of trails that are accessible to young children. Even on short hikes, or even walks, you can enjoy superb panoramic views of the cirques, mountains and coastline of Réunion.

Here are a few examples easy hikesThe walk takes no more than 3 hours:

- Loop from the Plaine des Sables to the small crater of Piton Hauy

- The Cascade Jacqueline and the tour of Pointe de Langevin

- Cap Noir and Roche Verre Bouteille

- Chemin du Cap Jaune

  • Walking on ancient lava flows

For younger children, a a walk through the volcanic garden at Pointe de la Table in Saint Philippe is ideal. Allow around an hour for this 3 km loop (1h). on the old lava flows of 1986. Beware, however, of the sun's reflection off the volcanic rock: bring a hat and sun cream, and leave early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Explanatory panels line the route, providing an educational introduction to this place steeped in history.

  • Exploring the Lava tunnels in complete safety
family lava tunnel outing on Reunion Island

For a a memorable underground experience with your childrenDiscover the Réunion lava tunnels.

Equipped with helmets and headlamps and accompanied by a guide who specialises in lava tunnels, your children will be amazed by these fascinating buried volcanic formations.

It's a fun and educational activity that will give them a better understanding of the island's volcanic history.

Discover the joys of river swimming in enchanting sites such as the Rivière des Marsouins or the Jacqueline waterfall at Langevin. These places are perfect for a refreshing swim in the heart of nature.

Here are a few examples freshwater bathing areas easily accessible for childrenand safe for swimming:

North of the island :

  • Bassin Bœuf de la rivière Sainte-Suzanne: 300m walk from the Sainte-Suzanne car park (access via rocks)

South of the island:

  • Jacqueline waterfall at Langevin: 20-minute walk from the port of Langevin
  • Grand Galet waterfall at Langevin: 5-minute walk from the viewpoint, accessible by car from the village of Langevin.
  • Manapany-Les-Bains basin in Saint-Joseph
  • Bras de la Plaine basins, near Le Tampon and Entre-deux

East of the island :

  • The Blue Basin at Saint-Anne
  • Rivière des Marsouins at Saint-Benoît (îlet Coco and îlet Bethléem basins)

West of the island :

  • La Pointe Au Sel near Saint-Leu

The Cité du Volcan, located on Réunion Island, is a interactive museum dedicated to the island's volcanic activity. Designed to captivate visitors of all ages, the facility features fun and educational exhibitions that explain how volcanoes work in an immersive way. Young visitors can experience a realistic simulation of a volcanic eruption thanks to holographic projections, augmented reality and sound and visual effects. It's a must-see visit for a better understanding of volcanism on Réunion!

  • Fun in Réunion's leisure and adventure parks

For children aged 6 and over, many leisure parks welcome your children for fun family activities. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list:

- Parc Aventure de l'Étang-Salé: a high ropes course in the Étang-Salé forest, suitable for children aged 6 and over, with various levels of difficulty.

- AkOatys: located in Étang-Salé, this water park has slides, pools and water games for children aged 6 and over.

- Cilaosa Parc Aventure: this adventure park in Cilaos offers treetop adventure courses suitable for children, with zip lines and suspension bridges.

- Parc du Colosse: in Saint-André, this public park offers play areas, pony rides and inflatable structures for children.

- Parc des Mascareignes: in Saint-Denis, this water park has slides and pools suitable for children aged 6 and over.

Leisure and family activities with children aged 8 and over

  • Go on a water ramble

The water sports in Réunion offer a unique adventure for families with children aged 8 and over. There are a number of must-see places where you can discover the island's natural beauty in complete safety.

Rivière des RochesBetween the La Mer and La Paix basins in Sainte-Suzanne, there are water courses specially designed for children, combining swimming and exploring waterfalls. You can try your hand at jumping between 4 and 8 metres into pools of water, sliding down natural slides and swimming in the river, while admiring the clear waterfalls.

Particularly suited to families with children aged 8 or 10 and over, the descent of the Rivière des Roches is great fun. In this part of Réunion Island, in the north-east near Saint-Benoit, you will be immersed in an environment of basalt rock, surrounded by lush green vegetation.

For adults aged 12 and over: our ideas for family fun

family activity canyoning reunion

For young thrill-seekers, the rafting is an unavoidable option on the Rivière des Marsouins at Saint-Benoîtwhere the rapids are part of the action.

Canyoning is also very popular on Réunion, and you can enjoy it with your family in the Canyon de Sainte-Suzanne or the Canyon de Langevin (Petit Galet)where the courses are suitable for beginners.

For those who prefer calmer water activitiesPaddleboarding and kayaking are perfect. The Saint-Gilles lagoon is an ideal place for paddle boarding in crystal-clear waters, while kayaking can be practised in the Saint-Paul baywith breathtaking views of the island's coastline. These activities allow you to discover Réunion from a different angle, while taking full advantage of its exceptional natural environment.

  • Snorkelling and scuba diving in the lagoon

When it comes to aquatic activities, there's plenty to choose from on Réunion Island! Once again, Réunion's lagoon is a veritable natural paradise where you can introduce your children to snorkelling. Equipped with masks and snorkels, they can observe a multitude of colourful fish and coral.

For the more adventurous, you can try your hand at the scuba diving by diving further out to sea... That's where you can get a closer look at the cetaceans...

For young and old...

  • Watching whales and dolphins offshore

Réunion is THE spot for whale and dolphin watching. From June to October, humpback whales come to breed in the waters surrounding the island, offering a unique spectacle. Dolphins, meanwhile, can be seen all year round, much to our delight. Climb aboard a boat and let yourself be carried away to meet them!

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